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HD181S Series RF Capacitance Liquid Level Transmitter

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Model number: 23ffd08a-f6be-4a5d-bc7b-7818b6ff1db2




HD181S Series RF Capacitive Level Transmitter is a new type of liquid level measuring instrument developed by our company absorbing the essence of similar products from abroad. It can convert all kinds of level and liquid medium parameters into standard current signals and remotely transmitted to the operation control room for centralized display, alarm or automatic control of secondary instruments or computer devices. Its good structure and installation method can be applied to the continuous measurement of liquid level, material level and material level under special conditions such as high temperature, high pressure, strong corrosion, easy crystallization, anti-blocking, cold-resistance and solid powder, granular materials and other special conditions, which is widely used in electric power, metallurgy, chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other industries and sewage treatment, the liquid level, material level and level measurement of boiler drum, pulverized coal etc..





It has compact structure, small size, simple installation and maintenance, uniform size

Multiple signal output forms to facilitate different system configurations

PTFE probe, acid-resistant, alkali-resistant and other corrosive liquids and high temperature

The immersed liquid measuring part, there is only one PTFE cord or PTFE rod probe as a sensor, with high reliability.

Fully sealed aluminum alloy housing and stainless steel couplings


The high-temperature pressure vessel is as simple as measuring ambient temperature and pressure, and the measured value is not affected by the temperature, specific gravity of the measured liquid, and the shape and pressure of the container.

Measurement, output two ends and measurement, output, power three-therminal isolator a variety of circuit structure, comes with isolator, to adapt to different signal grounding.
It has perfect over-current, over-voltage, power polarity protection.



Main technical index

★测量范围: 0.220

Range of measurement: 0.220 m
★精 : 0.2级、0.5级、1.0

Precision: 0.2 class, 0.5 class, 1.0 class
★探极耐温: -40+250

Probe temperature resistance: -40+250

Allowed container pressure: -0.1MPa~2.5MPa
★测量介质: 电导率不低于10-3 s/m的酸、碱、水等非结晶导电液体

Measuring medium: Non-crystalline conductive liquid such as acid, alkali and water with conductivity of not less than 10-3 s/m
★供电电源: DC1235V(隔离式为DC2127V)

Power supply: DC1235V (Isolated type: DC2127V)
★工作电流: (输出20mA) 非隔离二线,三线:20mA

Operating Current: (Output 20mA) Non-Isolated two-wire, three-wire: 20mA
★两端隔离三线制:32mA; 三端隔离四线制:35mA

Three-wire system attwo-terminals isolation: <32mA; four-wire system at three-therminals isolation: <35mA
★输出信号: 420mA(010mA020mA)

Output signal: 420mA(010mA020mA)
★输出保护: 27mA

Output protection: 27mA

Isolation pressure among measurement, output and power sources: 1000V

Range adjustment range and zero point transmission: ≥±30% FS

Body size of transmitter: ?6×85

Only do the rest of the instrument!

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