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Which brand of electromagnetic flowmeter and orifice flowmeter is good? Manufacturers talk about com

The use of electromagnetic flowmeter has been widely used, so it is specially planned for water metering business for water supply enterprises. It has the ability of waterproof, anticorrosion, anti disturbance and lightning protection. So there must be some headings in the application of electromagnetic flowmeter.

1. The flow signal of the sensor electrode inspection of the sensor grounded electromagnetic flowmeter is milli volt level and is based on the potential of the fluid in the sensor, so the external disturbance has a great influence on it. Therefore, the outstanding grounding determines the measurement accuracy of the flowmeter to a large extent. The fluid itself is used as an electrical conductor, and other unrelated electromagnetic disturbances must be removed. The potential signals checked by electrodes are not disturbed by external parasitic potential. The sensor should have a unique isolated grounding wire and the earth resistance is less than 10 ohms. If there is an insulating layer or long and short metal pipe in the connection pipe of the sensor, the grounding ring should be installed on both sides of the sensor.

Two. The influence of electrode material attachments in the measurement of fluid with attached sediments, the electrode surface will be polluted, often causing change of the zero point, so it must be kept in mind. The relationship between the change of zero point and the degree of electrode contamination should be analyzed and compared with the quantitative analysis, but it can be said that the smaller the diameter of the electrode, the less the effect is. In the application, the cleaning of the electrode should be kept in order to avoid the attachment. If the thickness is the same, if the attached thickness is the same, it can be calculated by the formula: =1-2/[1+ (K Omega /Kf) + (1- K Omega /Kf) + (1-2t/D) 2], and the conductivity of the K omega and Kf respectively as attachments and measuring fluids, the thickness of the attachment is t, and the straight diameter is D. In the formula, K omega and Kf are flat, and there is no error. When the conductivity of the attachments is low, the upper formula is also established, but it is constrained by the output impedance of the electrode, such as the insulating deposit immersed in the fluid. On the contrary, such as adhesion of metal powder, due to the high electrical conductivity of the adhesive layer, the induced potential is short circuited, causing the electrode output to be low, resulting in negative bias. When measuring the fluid with deposition attachment, the flow rate should also be increased in addition to materials such as glass or polyvinyl chloride four. It is assumed that the average volume of bubbles in the fluid is measured by the volume flow of the bubbles, and the measured values are not disturbed, and errors are introduced. To sum up, when choosing flowmeters, especially large diameter electromagnetic flow timing, we should consider the maintenance heading of sensors and fabrics in future. For example, the scraper electrode or replaceable electrode of Shanghai Guanghua Ai Mei Instrument Co., Ltd. may preplace a clean entry hole in the proper direction of the upstream or downflow of the sensor so that the sensor can be cleaned in the future.

Three. The shorter the length of the signal transmission cable is, the better the connection cable between the header sensor and the transducer will be. However, some fields are constrained by the environmental orientation of the device, and the distance between the transducer and the sensor is far away. The maximum length of the connection between the transducer and the transducer is determined by the distribution capacitance of the cable and the conductivity of the measured fluid. In practice, when the conductivity of the tested fluid is between the scale, the maximum length of the cable between the electrode and the converter is decided. When the cable length exceeds the maximum length, the load effect caused by the distributed capacitance of the cable becomes the title.

In order to avoid this situation, a double core two layer shielded cable is used to provide a low impedance voltage source by the converter to make the same voltage as the inner shield and the core line to form a shield. Even if there is a distribution capacitance between the core line and the shield, the core line and the shielding are the same potential, and the flow passes between the two and there is no flow passage between the core line and the shield. The load effect of cable exists, so that the maximum length of signal cable can be extended. In addition, special signal transmission cables can be used to extend the maximum length between the transducer and the transducer.


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