magnetic flow transmitter

Magnetic Flow Transmitter

Electromagnetic flow transmitter adopts LCD indicator and "simple setting" parameters to improve the convenience of maintenance. The flow sensor diameter, lining material, electrode material, flow coefficient can be revised, and the intelligent diagnosis function significantly improves the applicability of the flow transmitter.And Supmea electromagnetic flow transmitter supports customized appearance color and surface stickers.

  • Graphic display: 128 * 64
  • Output: Current (4-20 mA), pulse frequency, mode switch value
  • Serial communication: RS485
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  • Good Corrosion Resistance And Simple Structure

    The sensor is made of stainless steel, which is resistant to strong acid and alkali, and has no mechanical movable parts inside, so it is not easy to be blocked, and will not be blocked, thus it has a long service life.

  • Stable Performance

    Magnetic induction of the flow signal of the circuit using a single-chip computer for its operation, control, processing technology, can identify the flow and vibration data, eliminating all interfering signals, has a good anti-seismic, anti-jamming ability, can be resistant to 1g vibration (piezoelectric vibration ≤ 0.2g), so that the measurement of the performance is stable and reliable.

  • Low Lower Flow Limit, Large Range Ratio, Accurate Measurement

    The flow meter measures the flow velocity range of 0.2~7.5m/s. The display microcontroller has eight non-linear flow error correction functions and output pulse signal telecommunication function.

  • Fully Functional

    The display not only shows the date, instantaneous flow and cumulative flow, but also records and stores the daily flow for retrieval, the storage capacity of the daily flow up to 2600 days, you can also query the daily flow of any date within 7 years.

Measuring principle Faraday's law of induction
Function Instantaneous flow rate, flow velocity, mass flow (when the density is constant)
Modular structure Measuring system is composed of a measuring sensor and a signal converter
Serial communication RS485
Output Current (4-20 mA), pulse frequency, mode switch value
Function Empty pipe identification, electrode pollution
Graphic display Monochrome liquid crystal display, white backlight; Size: 128 * 64 pixels
Display function 2 measurements picture (measurements, status, etc.)
Language English
Unit Can choose units through configuration, see "6.4 configuration details"  "1-1 flow rate unit".
Operation buttons Four infrared touch key/mechanical
magnetic flow transmitter

A flow transmitter is a type of instrumentation used to measure the flow of fluids, usually in industry, to monitor and control the flow of liquids or gases in pipelines in real time. The instrument converts the physical parameters of the fluid (e.g. velocity, pressure, etc.) into electrical signal outputs, which are available for subsequent processing and analysis.

Flow transmitters are widely used in the field of control and measurement of liquids, gases and other fluid media, and their most important role is to monitor the flow in the pipeline in real time, and produce the corresponding electrical signal output.

Success cases

The magnetic inductive flowmeter industry, these are successful cases with comparable and reference value.

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