sup-2100h ultrasonic flowmeter

SUP-2100H Handheld Ultrasonic Flowmeter

SUP-2100H ultrasonic flow meter uses advance circuit design,coupled with excellent hardware designed in English and can be switched surfaces.It is easy to operate and with stable performance.

  • Pipe diameter: DN32-DN6000
  • Accuracy: 1.0%
  • Power supply: 3 AAA built-in Ni-H batteries
  • Case material: ABS
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  • Non-invasive

    Ultrasonic flowmeter work does not require direct contact with the fluid, so there is no material depletion of the problem, but also to avoid contamination of the fluid.

  • High Precision

    Ultrasonic flowmeter measurement accuracy, small error, can meet the needs of many high-precision flow measurement.

  • Wide Range

    Ultrasonic flowmeter for a variety of liquids and gases, and in most cases can measure high, low temperature, high pressure and other special conditions of the flow.

  • Simple Maintenance

    Ultrasonic flowmeter has no wearing parts and moving parts, simple maintenance and long service life.

  • Fast Response Time

    Ultrasonic flowmeter response speed, you can monitor the flow rate changes in real time, for the flow rate of peak and transient process measurement is particularly effective.

 Product Handheld ultrasonic flowmeter
 Model SUP-2100H
 Pipe size DN32-DN6000
 Accuracy ±1%
 Totalizer 7-digit totals for net
  positive and negative flow respectively
 Liquid types Virtually all liquids
 Working   temperature Convertor: -20~60℃; Flow Transducer:-30~160℃
 Working humidity Convertor: 85%RH; Flow transducer: IP67
 Display  4×8 Chinese characters or 4×16 English letters
 Power supply 3 AAA built-in Ni-H batteries
 Date logger Built-in data logger can store over 2000 lines of data
 Case material ABS
 Dimension 200*93*32mm(Convertor)
 Handset weight 500g with batteries
sup-2100h ultrasonic flowmeter

SUP-2100H handheld ultrasonic flowmeter uses advanced circuit design coupled with excellent hardware designed in English for liquid flow detection and comparison testing in pipes. It has the characteristics of simple operation, convenient installation, stable performance and long lasting life.

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