electromagnetic flowmeter

SUP-LDG Remote Type Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Electromagnetic flowmeter is only applicable to measure the flow of conductive liquid, which is wide used in water supply, sewage water measuring, industry chemical measuring etc. The remote type is with high IP protection class and can be installed in different locations for the transmitter and converter. Output signal can pulse,4-20mA or with RS485 communication.

  • Accuracy: ±0.5% (Flow speed > 1m/s)
  • Reliably: 0.15%
  • Theoretical value: Water: Min. 20μS/cm; Other liquid: Min. 5μS/cm
  • Recommended value: >30μS/cm
  • Flange: ANSI/JIS/DIN DN15… 1000
  • Ingress protection: IP68
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  • Multiple Readings

    Support 4-20mA output of m³/h, L/h, T/h and other units, RS485 Modbus-RTU protocols are also available.

  • IP68 Flow Transmitter

    Highest waterproof grade flowmeter body, used for outdoor/underwater(non-corrosive) installation.

  • High Corrosion Resistance

    Extremely resistant to corrosion and can measure almost any conductive liquid.

  • High Measurement Accuracy

    Measurements are unaffected by changes in fluid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure and conductivity.

 Product  Electromagnetic flowmeter
 Model  SUP-LDG
 Diameter nominal  DN15~DN1200
 Nominal pressure DN15 - DN250, PN ≤1.6MPa; DN300 - DN1000, PN ≤1.0MPa; DN1200, PN ≤0.6 MPa; Higher pressure can be customized
 Accuracy  ±0.5% F.S. (Flow speed > 1m/s);  ±0.5% F. S. ±2mm/s (Flow speed <1m/s)
 Liner material   Neoprene (CR), Polyurethane (PU), PTFE (F4), PFEP (F46), PFA
 Electrode material   316L Stainless Steel, Hastelloy C, Hastelloy B, Ti, Ta, Pt
 Medium temperature Neoprene: -10…+60 Polyurethane: -10…+60℃ PTFE/FEP: -10…+120℃ PFA: -10…+180℃
 Power supply 85-245VAC,50/60Hz, 22VDC-26VDC
 Electrical conductivity  Water min.20μS/cm;other medium min.5μS/cm
 Structure type  Compact type, Remote type
 Ingress protection IP65 for converter, IP68 for sensor
 Product standard  JB/T 9248-1999 Electromagnetic Flow Meter
electromagnetic flowmeter

LDG-SUP split electromagnetic flowmeter is a common application form of electromagnetic flowmeter. The sensor is connected to the pipeline, the converter is installed in the instrument room or people are easy to access near the sensor, tens to hundreds of meters apart. In order to prevent the intrusion of external noise, the signal cable is usually a two-core shielded wire. Measurement of low conductivity liquid and more than 30m apart, in order to prevent the cable part of the capacitance caused by signal attenuation, the inner shielding is also required to be connected to the same potential as the core line with a low impedance source of shielding drive.

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The magnetic inductive flowmeter industry, these are successful cases with comparable and reference value.

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