sup-lwgy turbine flow sensor

SUP-LWGY Turbine Flow Sensor Thread Connection

SUP-LWGY series liquid turbine flow sensor is a kind of speed instrument, which has the advantages of high accuracy, good repeatability, simple structure, small pressure loss and convenient maintenance. It is used to measure the volume flow of low viscosity liquid in closed pipe.

  • Pipe diameter: DN4~DN100
  • Accuracy: 0.2% 0.5% 1.0%
  • Power supply: 3.6V lithium battery; 12VDC; 24VDC
  • Ingress protection: IP65
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  • Anti-interference

    Output pulse frequency signal, suitable for total quantity measurement and connection with computer, no zero drift, strong anti-interference ability.

  • High Precision

    Repeatability is good, short-term repeatability of up to 0.05 ~ 0.2%, it is because of good repeatability, frequent calibration or on-line calibration can be obtained very high accuracy.

  • Easy To Install

    Compact and lightweight structure, easy installation and maintenance, large circulation capacity.

  • High Sensitivity

    The probe of the turbine flowmeter is in direct contact with the fluid, so it has high sensitivity and fast response time, and can react quickly to changes in flow rate.

  • Long Service Life

    The main components of the turbine flowmeter are stainless steel bearings and ceramic bearings that are not easily worn and have a long service life.

 Product  Turbine flow sensor
 Model  SUP-LWGY
 Diameter Nominal  DN4~DN100
 Nominal Pressure  6.3 MPa
 Accuracy  0.5%R, 1.0%R 
 Medium Temperature  -20℃~+120℃
 Power Supply  3.6V lithium battery; 12 VDC; 24VDC
 Output Signal  Pulse, 4-20mA, RS485 (WIth transmitter)
 Ingress protection  IP65
sup-lwgy turbine flow sensor

The fluid flows through the turbine flow sensor shell. Because the blade of the impeller has a certain angle with the flow direction, the impulse of the fluid makes the blade have rotation torque. After overcoming the friction torque and fluid resistance, the blade rotates. After the torque is balanced, the speed is stable. Under certain conditions, the speed is proportional to the flow rate. Because the blade has magnetic conductivity, it is in the position of the signal detector (composed of permanent magnetic steel and coil) of the magnetic field, the rotating blade cuts the magnetic line of force and periodically changes the magnetic flux of the coil, so that the electric pulse signal is induced at both ends of the coil.

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The magnetic inductive flowmeter industry, these are successful cases with comparable and reference value.

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