Liquid turbine flowmeter use of common questions and answers

Time: 2024-07-11
Equipment Configuration:magnetic inductive flow meter

Liquid turbine flowmeter in use often encounter some problems, simple problems can be troubleshooting and detection of their own, to be able to maintain and repair as soon as possible and effective, Supmea staff will briefly introduce the turbine flowmeter common problem solving.

Project Overview

一、Flow fluctuation is relatively large for the liquid turbine flowmeter flow fluctuations caused by large causes can be considered from the following aspects:

1.Whether the water source is a pulsating stream

  • (1)Generally speaking with the pump to pump raw materials, if the flow of the installation position is relatively close to the pump, it is easy to produce pulsating flow, thus causing the flow fluctuation is relatively large, at this time the solution, increase the distance between the pump and the flowmeter of the straight pipe, so that the flow rate is stable.
  • (2)Flowmeter installation position is too close to the valve or elbow position, when the raw material through the valve or elbow part, resulting in flow fluctuations. At this point should be away from the valve and bend position, to ensure that a certain straight section before and after 2. Whether there is interference flowmeter near the motor, frequency converter, strong electricity and other sources of interference. Solution: flowmeter instrument grounding, or add filter capacitors. If you can not solve, should be away from the source of interference.

二、Flowmeter does not show flow solution

  • (1)Check the wiring first for problems, such as signal wires coming off, broken wires, etc.
  • (2)Separate the sensor and the signal amplifier, the signal amplifier is connected with the meter, use the ferrous metal to scratch back and forth at the bottom of the amplifier which takes the signal at a distance of 2~3mm, if the meter has a display, it means that there is no problem in the display part. Please remove the flow sensor from the pipeline and check whether the flow meter impeller is entangled or the impeller is broken.

三、The flowmeter shows a small flow rate, while the actual flow rate is relatively large generally cause this problem is the impeller rotation is not smooth and fast or broken blades.

Remove the flow from the pipeline, check whether the flowmeter is entangled or broken phenomenon.Supmea production of turbine flowmeter for many years, such as in the selection of turbine flowmeter, installation, use, maintenance over the process of any problem, you can contact with Supmea staff, we are ready to answer for you.

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