Channel drainage flowmeter common problems and solutions

Time: 2024-07-09
Equipment Configuration:magnetic inductive flow meter

Due to the extensive use of electromagnetic flowmeter, more or less will encounter some problems in the process of use, now will often use the channel drainage flowmeter in the process of using the common problems encountered in the process of organizing, give answers. I hope to help more to the user.

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Magnetic inductive flowmeter frequently asked questions

  • 1、How to deal with the channel drainage flowmeter showing zero alarm? Answer: (1) Make the liquid filled pipeline to change the installation method or installation location. (2) Remove and clean the electrode.
  • 2、In thunder and other shock voltage interference, electromagnetic flowmeter work is not normal how to deal with? Answer: (1) sensor connected to ground. (2) has been grounded, check to exclude poor grounding conditions.
  • 3、What is the time limit for water estimation in the event of a malfunction of the water meter of a polymer-driven injection well? Answer:In the event of a malfunction of the water meter of a polymer-driven injection well, the time for water estimation should not exceed 24h.
  • 4、How to correctly and reasonably select the magnetic inductive flowmeter? Answer: Magnetic inductive flowmeter selection, should consider the caliber and range, pressure, temperature, lining materials and electrode materials, site conditions and other five points.
  • 5、Magnetic inductive flowmeter installation environment should be how to choose? Answer: (1) the installation should not be strong vibration. (2) should try to avoid equipment with a strong electromagnetic field (such as large motors, large transformers), etc.; (3) choose to facilitate maintenance, easy to move around.
  • 6、Magnetic inductive flowmeter at the beginning of the operation display fluctuations of 10% or more is the cause of what? Answer: (1) Horizontal installation, the fluid does not fill the entire pipe. (2) There is a fault in the grounding.
  • 7、What is the reason for the display of magnetic inductive flowmeter jumping in operation? Answer: (1) The electrode is completely covered or severely covered by insulating objects. (2) Leakage at the electrode, etc. reduces the insulation capability of the electrode to ground. (3) Pulsating flow.
  • 8、Magnetic inductive flowmeter vertical installation, what are the requirements of the medium? Answer: (1) The direction of media flow should be from the bottom up. (2) After the transmitter to ensure that the measuring tube is full of media.
  • 9、What is the principle on which the magnetic inductive flow meter for injection stations is made? Which parts it consists of? Answer:The magnetic inductive flowmeter applied in the injection station is made according to Faraday's electromagnetic induction principle. It consists of two parts: transmitter and converter.
  • 10、What is the working principle of magnetic inductive flowmeter for injection station? Answer: The measured medium flows through the transmitter to generate inductive electromotive force, and then converted by the converter into 0-20mA or 4-20mA DC signal output.
  • 11、What are the characteristics of magnetic inductive flow meter? Answer: (1) can accurately measure the flow rate, is a non-volumetric measurement instrument; (2) wider measurement range, fast response, small pressure loss. (3) The measured temperature, pressure, viscosity and flow state of the liquid on the meter display value has less impact.
  • 12、What are the advantages of magnetic inductive flowmeter in the process of using? Answer: (1) the transmitter structure is simple and reliable, there is no moving parts and throttling parts, there will be no blockage, the fluid through no head loss; (2) not subject to the measured medium temperature, viscosity, density, pressure and other physical parameters of the impact of change; (3) range adjustment margin, up to 1:100; (4) no mechanical inertia, responsive, easy to use and maintain.
  • 13、For the newly installed magnetic inductive flowmeter, how to determine the fault during operation? A: For the newly installed magnetic inductive flowmeter, the operation process can be based on the output current of the converter or digital display indicator to determine the fault.
  • 14、Magnetic inductive flowmeter installation is completed, what should be checked before power? A: 1, check all the laying of the connection cable is good, there is no pass, short-circuit, insulation and other faults 2, explosion-proof magnetic inductive flowmeter must check the cable into the junction box and the box is sealed.

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