How to ensure the use of magnetic inductive flowmeter accuracy?

Time: 2024-07-10
Equipment Configuration:magnetic inductive flow meter

Magnetic inductive flowmeter as a liquid flow measurement instrument, to ensure the magnetic inductive flowmeter measurement accuracy is critical. In order to effectively ensure the measurement accuracy of the liquid flow meter, electromagnetic flow meter manufacturer Supmea Instrument reminds you need to pay attention to the following points:

Project Overview

  • 1、Liquid flowmeter electrode measured by the AC potential, is based on the liquid potential within the flowmeter as a fundamental. In order to make the liquid potential stable and bit flowmeter and fluid to maintain equipotential, in order to ensure stable measurement, the flowmeter shell and metal tube should be well grounded at both ends, the converter shell should also be grounded.
  • 2、In order to ensure that the flowmeter measuring tube is filled with the measured medium, the flowmeter is installed vertically, and the flow direction is from bottom to top. Especially for liquid-solid two-phase flow, must be installed vertically. If the site only allows horizontal installation, you must ensure that the two electrodes in the same level.
  • 3、Liquid flowmeter should be installed to avoid AC and DC strong magnetic field and vibration, ambient temperature of -20 ~ 50 ℃, does not contain corrosive gases, relative humidity is not greater than 80%.
  • 4、In order to avoid the influence of the flow rate difference on the measurement, the flow control valve should be set downstream of the flowmeter. For small caliber flowmeter, because the distance from the electrode center to the inlet end of the flowmeter has been equivalent to several times the length of the diameter D, so the upstream straight pipe can not make provisions. But for larger caliber flowmeter, generally should be more than 5D upstream straight pipe section, downstream generally do not do straight pipe section requirements.
  • 5、Flowmeter should be installed in a dry and ventilated indoor place. Should not be subject to strong vibration, as far as possible to avoid equipment with a strong magnetic field, such as large motors, transformers, etc., the installation location should be easy to access, which is to ensure the normal operation of the flow meter environmental conditions.
  • 6、To avoid interfering signals, the signals between the meter and the converter must be transmitted with shielded wires. It is not permitted to place the signal cable and the power cable in parallel in the same cable steel tube.

  Pay attention to the above mentioned content, take effective measures to avoid, can ensure the measurement accuracy of the liquid magnetic inductive flowmeter. Supmea production of magnetic inductive flowmeter for many years, if you encounter any problems in the use of magnetic inductive flowmeter, you can always online or call me to contact.

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