How to extend the use of magnetic inductive flowmeters

Time: 2024-07-11
Equipment Configuration:magnetic inductive flow meter

Magnetic inductive flowmeter remarkable feature is that the data measurement is relatively accurate, can provide accurate data parameters for reference, help to develop the future production plan of the enterprise.

Project Overview

  The equipment has good quality, carefully designed and produced, and the results are sold in the market, which can provide more accurate measurement values. The equipment is more stable in measurement and is suitable for energy production measurement of various products, which is welcomed by corporate customers. If the electromagnetic flowmeter is not set up correctly, it will not be able to play the role of the equipment.

  Before setting up the equipment, the operator must clean the impurities and dirt in the pipeline, so that the flow substance in the pipeline can flow freely. If there are a lot of impurity residues in the pipeline, before setting up the equipment, in addition to removing the impurity residues, it is also necessary to set up a filter net in front of the equipment to cut off all the impurity residues in the pipeline. After the impurity residue completely filtered, the water quality in the pipeline can ensure clear and clean. Magnetic inductive flowmeter clear and clean water will not have an impact on the measurement value of the equipment, will not lead to the occurrence of damage to the measurement tool, the specific installation before the need to open all the valves before the pipeline valve, to avoid a large number of fluid impact equipment turbine, equipment turbine damage.

  Installation of equipment must be particularly careful, a little error may lead to equipment measurement can not be completed properly. Specifically, in the process of using magnetic inductive flowmeter need to pay attention to is that the equipment can not share the same line system with the strong electric line, if the common line, the measurement of the equipment data will appear a big deviation. Do not set up equipment near other lines to avoid interference between the lines.Supmea has been producing magnetic inductive flowmeter for many years, if you encounter any problems in the process of magnetic inductive flowmeter selection, installation, use, maintenance, you can contact Supmea staff, we are ready to answer for you.

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