Magnetic flip-flop level gauge false level what is the reason?

Time: 2024-07-08
Equipment Configuration:magnetic inductive flow meter

Magnetic Flap Level Gauge is developed according to the principle of buoyancy and magnetic coupling. This kind of liquid level gauge generally utilizes the magnetostrictive principle to transmit the signal from the magnetic float by the waveguide wire, and then the circuit processes the signal to get the liquid level value.

Project Overview

  When the liquid level in the measured vessel rises and falls, the magnetic float in the body tube of the liquid level gauge also rises and falls, and the permanent magnet inside the float is transferred to the magnetic flip column indicator through magnetic coupling to drive the red and white flip columns to turn over 180 °, and when the level rises the flip columns are changed from white to red, and when the level falls the flip columns are changed from red to white, and the red-white junction of the indicator is the actual height of the liquid level inside the vessel, so as to realize clear indication of the liquid level. Clear indication of liquid level.

  Since the measuring and display part of the magnetic flap level meter does not come into direct contact with the medium, usually this type of level meter has high reliability. Remember not to measure with electricity. When using a logic pen, oscilloscope to detect the signal, when using a multimeter ohm stop. Be careful not to make the probe contact both measurement pins at the same time, because the essence of this situation is the formation of a short circuit under power-up.

  When overhauling the meter failure under humid environment, it is necessary to use a multimeter to measure whether the printed circuit is smooth at all points, because the main failure in this case is copper foil corrosion. When overhauling the internal circuit of the instrument, if the contacts of the installed components and the circuit board coated with insulating varnish, measure the parameters of each point can be used to ordinary hand sewing needle welded to the pen of the multimeter, in order to puncture the paint layer to directly measure the various points without having to peel off a large area of the paint layer. Do not plug and unplug various control boards and plugs with electricity. Because in the case of electricity, plugging and unplugging the control board will produce a strong inductive electromotive force, then the instantaneous backlash voltage is very high, it is easy to damage the corresponding control board and plug.

  Do not blindly knock and touch when overhauling, so as not to expand the fault, the more repair the worse. Side-mounted magnetic flap level meter disassembly, adjustment of the instrument, should record the original position, in order to recover. Repair precision instruments and meters, such as inadvertently popping small parts can take the magnet scanning and line of sight scanning method to find.

  There are several reasons that cause false liquid level in magnetic flap level meter:

  • 1. Excessive external interference signals, causing the circuit to get a false signal, not the actual measured signal.
  • 2. Liquid level meter internal waveguide wire failure, such as loosening, sealing bad into the water rust, etc., resulting in signal distortion.
  • 3. Incorrect installation of waveguide filaments, distortion of signal transmission.
  • 4. Signal processing circuit failure.

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