Magnetic flip-flop level gauges operate in very corrosive conditions

Time: 2024-07-10
Equipment Configuration:magnetic inductive flow meter

Magnetic Flip Plate Level Gauge is easy and convenient to operate, accurate measurement, high utilization rate in liquid level gauge, widely used in many places for measurement. And it can accurately measure the actual position of the liquid in the tank without the help of other measuring tools.

Project Overview

  With the society of instrumentation measurement more and more high and intelligent, manufacturers are not satisfied with this, more and more types of magnetic flip-flop level meter appeared in the market, on the basis of the magnetic flip-flop level meter can also be with a remote transmission device, to achieve the remote monitoring. Magnetic flap level meter in the liquid level instrument to become the most commonly used and most widely used measuring instruments, so users in the procurement of magnetic flap level meter to have an understanding of more common sense to facilitate the selection.

  Magnetic Flap Level Gauge Structure Principle: Magnetic Flap Level Gauge is developed according to the principle of buoyancy and magnetic coupling. When the liquid level in the measured vessel rises and falls, the magnetic float in the body tube of the liquid level gauge also rises and falls, and the *magnet inside the float is transmitted to the magnetic flip column indicator through magnetic coupling to drive the red and white flip columns to flip, so as to realize the clear indication of the liquid level. Through the built-in reed switch contact opening and closing, realize the transmission of current or voltage signal. Magnetic Flip Flop Level Gauge will generally be debugged by simulation method at the factory to ensure that the supply is matched with the actual medium.

  Magnetic flip-flop level meter in many high temperature, high pressure, flammable and explosive media liquid environment, there may be a lot of users worry about the anti-corrosion ability of the magnetic flip-flop level meter, especially the measured medium for corrosive media whether it can also be normal operation will not fail. So today specifically talk about the magnetic flap level meter in the media corrosive strong case how to avoid the occurrence of this phenomenon in the use of operation?

  Anti-corrosive magnetic flap level meter main structure: the main pipe including conduit, upper flange, lower flange, two articulation flanges, two side short sections, conduit and two side short sections are lined with PTFE, articulation flange and conduit selection of direct welding method, PTFE lining directly from the conduit flap to the connecting flange, articulation flanges and the side of the selection of short sections of the tapered seal between the taper sealing of the point of view of the 30 The point of view of the taper seal is 30-60°.

  Because of the selection of PTFE raw materials for the fabric and the direct connection between the articulation flange and the conduit, so that it is easier to install the magnetic flip-flop level meter and sensors in the conduit, to complete the anticorrosion magnetic flip-flop level meter measurement without blind spot, and has excellent corrosion resistance to measure any variety of acids, alkalis, salts and other highly corrosive media; the production cost is significantly reduced year-on-year. Appearance panel equipment, including by the appearance of the panel, magnetic flap piece, guide rail, guide rail groove composition, the guide rail groove and panel for the whole one-time molding composition, in the guide rail groove on the inner side with a concave guide, concave guide rail installed in the middle of the magnetic flap piece.

  Magnetic flip-flop level meter structure is simple and good sealing of the whole, the whole structure without gap and sealing surface is not large, water, corrosive gases, dust, etc. is not easy to enter the interior, so that the guide rail and the friction between the rotary piece of color is greatly reduced, rotary and flexible or no jamming occurs, so that the level of the liquid level can be displayed normally, the level meter is not easy to fail. The single length can be processed according to user requirements, and the sealing effect reaches IP55 or IP65 level. In the whole environmental protection work can also be used in the magnetic flap level meter, and then this also in a number of industries are also used at the same time. Such as petroleum, chemical, water treatment and other occupations on the level meter demand is growing every year.

  At present, the remote magnetic flap level meter in the sewage treatment using the effect is very good, which is a lot of equipment can not and. So now many high-temperature, high-pressure, flammable and explosive media liquid measurement are often selected magnetic flip-plate level meter as a measuring instrument. Magnetic flap level meter gradually began to be used in a variety of viscosity and generate a high level of negative pressure conditions, but also can work normally. Magnetic flap level meter is widely used in electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, environmental protection, shipping, construction, food and other industries in the production process of liquid level measurement and control. With the increase of domestic productivity of magnetic flap level meter, the production of magnetic flap level meter is more and more high-quality, and the accuracy of the measurement is also more and more high, the magnetic flap level meter is not only utilized in industry, but also in chemical and biological research, it is also welcomed.

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