Magnetic flip plate level gauge selection and installation explanation

Time: 2024-07-07
Equipment Configuration:Magnetic flip plate level gauge

Magnetic flap level meter series products can do high sealing, leakage prevention and in high temperature, high pressure, high viscosity, strong corrosive conditions, safe and reliable measurement of liquid level, the whole process of measurement without blind, display eye-catching, intuitive readings, and a large range of measurements, with a liquid level alarm, control switches, can be realized in the liquid level or the boundary of the level of the upper and lower limits of the alarm and control, with a liquid level transmitter can be the liquid level.

Project Overview

  The level signal is converted into 2-wire 4-20mADC standard signal to realize long-distance detection, indication, recording and control. Magnetic flap level meter selection and installation mode description:

  • 1、Must first understand their own equipment operation occasions, what is the measurement medium, even if they do not know what material is needed, our company can also determine the material used in the equipment according to the medium.
  • 2、When equipped with a remote supporting instruments need to do the following, should make the remote supporting instruments close to the main pipe of the liquid level meter, and fixed with stainless steel hoop (prohibited iron); remote supporting instruments on the sensing surface should be oriented and close to the main pipe; remote supporting instruments should be the zero level with the zero level of the liquid level meter indication at the same level; remote supporting instruments and display instruments or industrial control machine between the wires individually through the protective tube or shielding Two-core cable laying; junction box into the hole after laying, require a good seal, so as to avoid rain, moisture and other intrusion and make the remote transmission instrumentation can not work properly, junction box in the maintenance or debugging should be covered in a timely manner after the completion of the cover.
  • 3、According to the media, the main tube should be cleaned from time to time to remove impurities.
  • 4、For the liquid level meter exceeding a certain length (common type >3 meters, anti-corrosion type >2 meters), it is necessary to increase the intermediate reinforcement flange or ear climbing for fixed support to increase the strength and overcome its own weight.
  • 5、The installation position of the magnetic flap level meter should be avoided or far away from the import and export of the material medium, to avoid rapid changes in the local area of the material fluid, affecting the accuracy of the level measurement.
  • 6、Magnetic flip-flop level meter commissioning, should first open the upper lead valve, and then slowly open the lower valve, so that the medium smoothly into the main tube (operation should be avoided to avoid rapid impact of the medium on the float, causing float fluctuations, affecting the accuracy of the display), to observe the magnetic red and white ball flip is normal, and then close the lower lead valve, open the sewage valve, so that the main liquid level in the tube down, according to the method of operation for three times, is normal, can be put into operation (except for corrosive and other special liquids), and then put into operation. Can be put into operation (except corrosive and other special liquids).

  Magnetic flap level meter in the market also has other names, also called magnetic flap level meter, or magnetic flip column level meter, also called magnetic float level meter and so on. But they need to know the parameters of the order is certain, such as corrosive media need corrosion-resistant materials, corrosion-resistant grade according to the corrosive grade of the medium and other changes. Another example, the special situation of their own equipment, determines the installation of the magnetic flip-flop level meter, because there are occasions that are not suitable or not at all applicable to a certain installation.

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