Magnetic flip version of the level meter must know the correct use of seven points

Time: 2024-07-08
Equipment Configuration:magnetic inductive flow meter

Magnetic flap level meter is also known as magnetic level meter, magnetic column level meter, magnetic float level meter, the use of magnetic coupling principle of work, magnetic flap level meter to make up for the glass tube level meter can not work at high temperatures and high pressures and fragile multiple shortcomings.

Project Overview

Correct use of magnetic flip version of the level meter, the following six points we must understand:

  • 1、The connecting pipe of the magnetic flap level meter is welded by pulling hole, and there is no scratch inside, and the indicator is installed at the outside or the top of the barrel tank. Therefore, the magnetic flip-flop level meter device is divided into side-mounted magnetic flip-flop and top-mounted magnetic flip-flop.
  • 2、Magnetic flip-flop level gauge is a magnetic float as the sensing element, and through the magnetic coupling between the magnetic float and the magnetic body in the display color column, reflecting the measured level or interface measurement instrument.
  • 3、Magnetic flip-flop level meter applies the principle of connecting device to ensure that the liquid level between the vessel under test and the measuring tube is equal, when the float in the measuring tube changes with the level of the liquid under test by the same amount, the magnetic body in the float and the magnetic body in the display color column on the display board, so that the color column is flipped, the white color indicates that there is no liquid, and the red color indicates that there is liquid in order to achieve the in-situ display of the value of the liquid level.
  • 4、In situ display of the magnetic flip-plate level meter has the advantages of intuitive display, eye-catching, wide viewing angle, compact and reasonable structure, safe and reliable, no "running, bubbling, dripping, leaking" phenomenon, small amount of maintenance, low maintenance costs, etc., and its indication function does not require additional power supply, even if the power supply fails, the liquid level observation will not be affected, the ideal liquid level Ideal liquid level detection meter.
  • 5、Magnetic flap level meter if configured with level transmitter and (secondary) display instrumentation, you can complete the electric remote transmission, and output 4-20mA or 0-10mA standardized signals, in order to cooperate with the recording instrumentation, or industrial control computer networking. This kind of bundled magnetic flap level meter is also called remote transmission type magnetic flap level meter.
  • 6、Magnetic Flap Level Gauge has two kinds of installation modes: side-mounted and top-mounted, no matter what kind of modes, it can be bundled with remote transmission device, so that the level gauge can display the liquid level locally and monitor the liquid level remotely.

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