Magnetic inductive flowmeter applied in Malaysia electroplating park

Time: 2024-06-29
Equipment Configuration:magnetic inductive flow meter

Malaysia Electroplating Park contains a total of standard parts of the original material pickling and phosphating center, sewage treatment areas, including seven functional areas, for the region to provide a new platform for the centralized advantage of the industry to upgrade again!

Project Overview

  The industry concentration advantage of the site and in terms of market share will be further increased to establish the long-term development strategy of the industrial park with the positioning of first-class domestic production facilities and equipment and compliance with national laws and regulations on environmental protection and safety.

  Business needs: to ensure that the wastewater thickening and treatment process is carried out efficiently and to realize the secondary recycling of resources.

  Since the first cooperation with Supmea started in March 2018, Malaysia Bao Technology Company has successively purchased a variety of products such as radar level meter, vortex flow meter, magnetic inductive flowmeter, double-flange level transmitter and so on from Supmea, applying to each process of plating wastewater treatment in the park, measuring and feeding back the flow rate, vacuum pressure, level and other vital data on site to ensure the efficient operation of the evaporator system through the stable operation of the instrument.

  User feedback:Compared with other manufacturers, Supmea magnetic inductive flowmeter data is accurate and stable, which solves a major pain point in the field for a long time. And Supmea's engineers rushed to the site many times to provide services to help us carry out the installation and commissioning of the meter, thank you very much.

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