Magnetic inductive flowmeter for Hastamp spraying production line

Time: 2024-06-26
Equipment Configuration:magnetic inductive flowmeter

Accompanied by the rapid growth of new energy vehicle market demand, power battery production capacity into the expansion of the peak period, process technology is rapid iteration. However, over the past decade, the rapid progress of the technical level, and did not let the power battery to get rid of the safety hazards and mileage anxiety "spell".

Project Overview

  Supmea specializes in the field of process automation, and can provide a total solution for the detection of temperature, pressure, flow, level, analysis and other technical parameters in the whole process of power battery production, and help upstream, midstream and downstream manufacturers of power batteries to improve the quality and safety of the battery production.

  Recently, Supmea magnetic inductive flowmeter, pH tester, conductivity meter and other series of analytical instruments are applied in Hastamp spraying production line, providing real-time water quality monitoring data for ultrafiltration, purification, electrophoresis, degreasing, surface conditioning, ultrasonic cleaning and other processes.

  Hastamp, Tesla's core body parts supporting enterprises, specializing in automotive metal parts design, development and manufacturing of the world's leading multinational group, is also the world's largest supplier of hot stamping parts. It is worth mentioning that the Hastamp spraying production line, which adopts Supmea products, mainly produces Tesla battery pack mounting shells, which protects the safety of Tesla batteries.

  In order to ensure the stable and efficient operation of the production line, Supmea senior engineers went into the field to carry out professional guidance on installation and maintenance training, and all the equipment is now in stable operation.

  Supmea will continue to focus on process automation solutions, increase product innovation, create high-quality products, provide solid technical support for the safety and reliability of power batteries, and help the healthy development of the new energy industry.

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