Magnetic inductive flowmeter measurement of air bubbles in the media exclusion method

Time: 2024-07-04
Equipment Configuration:magnetic inductive flowmeter

Magnetic inductive flow meters are usually used to measure liquids with conductivity. During the measurement process, air bubbles sometimes appear in the liquid. These bubbles can attach to the electrodes, resulting in fluctuations in the signal output or no signal output in the flowmeter measurement, thus affecting the accuracy.

Project Overview

  Air bubbles can appear in the pipeline due to various reasons such as changes in water flow, impacts, interaction of chemical factors in the liquid, impurities, and so on. If these bubbles are evenly distributed in the liquid in the pipe, they will not affect the measurement. However, once the bubbles become larger or unevenly distributed, and a large number of bubbles are locally aggregated, they may cover the electrodes and cause the flow signal input loop to open instantly, resulting in fluctuations in the output signal. Of course, electromagnetic flowmeter signal fluctuations or no signal output of many factors, not necessarily caused by air bubbles, the specific situation requires specific treatment.

  So, how to determine whether the fluctuation of the magnetic inductive flowmeter signal is caused by air bubbles in the measured liquid? How to deal with this situation?

  Magnetic inductive flowmeter work, when the measurement signal fluctuates up and down, immediately cut off the magnetic field of the excitation circuit current. If the flowmeter is still displayed, but at this time is not stable, this is mainly due to the measured liquid in the bubble on the measurement of the impact. After determining the existence of air bubbles affecting the magnetic inductive flowmeter measurement, it is necessary to find a corresponding solution. The first thing to do is to find the cause of the bubble. If a large number of bubbles melt into the liquid due to the installation position of the sensor, for example, magnetic inductive flowmeter sensors are installed at a high point in the pipeline to store gas or outside air intake, then changing the installation position is the most effective solution.

  However, many of the actual working conditions and environmental conditions are large caliber or installation location is not easy to change, and a better way is to install the magnetic inductive flowmeter in the upstream of the gas collection bag and exhaust valve, to eliminate the gas in the pipeline, reduce the impact on the results of the measurement of factors to ensure the accuracy of the measurement.

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