Magnetic inductive flowmeter sensor inspection method

Time: 2024-07-04
Equipment Configuration:magnetic inductive flow meter

When it comes to the magnetic inductive flowmeter sensor inspection method, I do not know if you remember, or whether the method is correct, then, today, and Supmea Instrumentation to take a look at it, I hope it will be useful to you.

Project Overview

  • 1、Indirect evaluation of changes in magnetic field strength by inspection of the excitation coil and inspection of the excitation current measured by the converter.
  • 2、Measurement of the electrode contact resistance to assess the condition of the electrode surface in terms of fouling and liner adhesion.
  • 3、The insulation resistance of each part is checked to determine the degree of deterioration of the part in order to estimate the change in flow value introduced by the change in flow area before and after cleaning the adherent layer.
  • 4、Empty accumulation of liquid from the entry hole into the pipeline observation: dry the inner surface of the lining with a megohmmeter to test the insulation resistance of the two electrodes to ground, respectively.
  • 5、If the liner has an attached layer must be removed and according to the thickness of the layer to determine the cleaning cycle; if the attached layer is not thick and the conductivity and the same as the liquid can be ignored area changes in the additional error; if the attached layer of conductivity is less than the liquid will produce a positive additional error, and vice versa will produce a negative additional error. Electrode insulation resistance is generally required to be greater than 100MΩ, insulation degradation due to the electrode, bushings, etc. by the outside world, moisture caused by water immersion (with a hot air blowing to eliminate moisture can be).
  • 6、If the insulation is damaged (e.g., corrosive fluid intrudes through the seal), the sensor must be replaced or returned to the manufacturer for repair.

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