Magnetic inductive flowmeter used in Dubai waste treatment project

Time: 2024-06-30
Equipment Configuration:magnetic inductive flow meter

Enterprise requirements: Ensure the stable operation of the complete set of sewage treatment line. Dissolved oxygen meter, magnetic inductive flowmeter, liquid level meter and other on-site test results meet the acceptance standards of Party A (Dubai Sanitation Company) and supervision.

Project Overview

  Comprehensive domestic waste treatment project is a key supporting project for Dubai's waste resource treatment, with a design scale of 600 tons/day and an area of 12,000 square meters, which is one of the largest comprehensive treatment plants for urban domestic waste in the region, Dubai's first BOT project for domestic waste treatment and a demonstration project for introducing social capital into the field of sanitation.

  Dubai's waste treatment project site has a total of eight pools installed Supmea dissolved oxygen meter to deal with waste leachate sewage, electromagnetic flowmeter accuracy and stability have met the acceptance criteria for this project. Secondly, the project requires that the pipeline flow on site can be accurately measured and uploaded in real time. Through on-site field verification, the parameters measured by Supmea's 28 ultrasonic flow meters are consistent with the standard meters brought to the site. In the end, the whole project was trusted and highly recognized by the Party.

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