Rotary vortex flowmeter installation, maintenance methods

Time: 2024-07-11
Equipment Configuration:magnetic inductive flow meter

Rotary vortex flowmeter using a new type of signal processing amplifier and unique filtering technology, effectively avoiding the pressure fluctuations and pipeline vibration generated by the interference signal, greatly improving the anti-interference ability, so that the small flow has excellent stability.

Project Overview

  Rotary vortex flowmeter 5 major performance characteristics:

  • 1.Rotary vortex flowmeter with built-in sensor, compact structure, high security, beautiful appearance.
  • 2.Temperature, pressure, instantaneous flow and cumulative flow can be displayed on site.
  • 3.Time display and real-time data storage function, can ensure that the data will not be lost, and can be permanently saved.
  • 4.Extremely low power consumption and built-in batteries allow for long term power supply operation, making it an ideal instrument for local display without external power supply.

  Rotary vortex flowmeter installation and maintenance methods: in moving the rotary vortex flowmeter, should be the sling set in the flowmeter flange at both ends of the neck position, do not set in the measuring pipe into the pipe rod for lifting, so as to avoid damage to the lining, and at the same time should be prevented from rotary vortex flowmeter wiring socket by collision and damage. It must be ensured that the centre of the rotary vortex flowmeter and the centre of the process pipeline are the same, and connect the grounding wire.

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