Ten typical requirements for the use of magnetic flip-flop level gauges

Time: 2024-07-08
Equipment Configuration:magnetic inductive flow meter

Magnetic Flap Level Gauge is an ideal liquid level measurement product for petroleum, chemical and other industrial sectors. According to the different installation position in the vessel, it is divided into two forms: side-mounted magnetic flap and top-mounted magnetic flap, which is suitable for various environments from low temperature to high temperature, vacuum to high pressure.

Project Overview

  Magnetic flap level meter with float as measuring element, magnetic steel drive flip column display, no energy; with upper and lower limit switch output, can realize the remote alarm, limit control; with transmitter can realize the liquid level remote report indication, detection and control.

  This article summarizes some of the typical requirements in the use and maintenance of the magnetic flap level meter, to give you a reference.

  • 1、The installation location of the magnetic flap level meter should be avoided or away from the import and export of the material medium, to avoid rapid changes in the local area of the material fluid, affecting the accuracy of the level measurement.
  • 2、Installation should open the bottom flange, loaded into the magnetic float, pay attention to the heavy end of the magnetic end up, can not be installed upside down.
  • 3、Commissioning should first open the upper lead valve, and then slowly open the lower valve, so that the medium into the main lead pipe smoothly. Operation should avoid rapid impact of the medium on the float, causing the float to fluctuate dramatically, affecting the accuracy of the display. Observe the magnetic red and white ball flip is normal, and then close the lower lead valve, open the drain valve, so that the dominant pipe level down, according to this method of operation three times, is normal, can be put into operation (except for corrosive and other special liquids).
  • 4、Magnetic Flip-Flop Level Meter should not be allowed to have magnetism-conducting material close to the body, and it is forbidden to fix it with iron wire, otherwise it will affect the normal work of Magnetic Flip-Flop Level Meter.
  • 5、If the user adopts the accompanying heat pipeline by himself, he must choose the non-conducting material, such as purple copper pipe. Accompanying heat temperature according to the medium to determine.
  • 6、The medium should not contain solid impurities or magnetic substances, so as not to cause obstruction to the float.
  • 7、Before use, the small ball below the zero position should be set to red and the other balls should be set to white with a calibrated magnet.
  • 8、According to the media, the main tube should be cleaned from time to time to remove impurities.
  • 9、For more than a certain length (common type > 3 meters, anti-corrosion type > 2 meters) of the level meter, need to increase the middle of the reinforced flange or ear climbing for fixed support, in order to increase the strength and overcome their own weight; magnetic flip-plate level meter must be installed vertically, the magnetic flip-plate level meter and the vessel should be equipped with a ball valve between the lead pipe, to facilitate the access to maintenance and cleaning.
  • 10、When using the remote matching instrumentation (remote magnetic flap level meter) need to do the following: should make the remote matching instrumentation close to the main pipe of the liquid level meter, and fixed with stainless steel hoop (prohibit the use of iron); remote matching instrumentation on the sensing surface should be oriented towards and close to the main pipe; remote matching instrumentation should be the zero level and the zero level of the liquid level meter indication at the same level; remote matching instrumentation and display instrument or industrial control machine between the line Individual wear protection pipe laying or shielded two-core cable laying; junction box into the hole laying, require good sealing, so as to avoid the intrusion of rain, moisture and other remote instrumentation can not work properly, the junction box in the maintenance or debugging is completed should be covered in a timely manner.

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