Vietnam Steel Plant Buys Magnetic Inductive Flowmeter For Flow Monitoring

Time: 2024-06-18
Equipment Configuration:magnetic inductive flowmeter

In the metallurgical industry, magnetic inductive flowmeter is commonly used in continuous steel casting, steelmaking electric furnace cooling water flow control. Blast furnace air inlet protection cooling water leakage detection is to compare the inlet end of the air inlet with the outlet end of the flow, if there is a difference, give an alarm, the requirements of accurate and reliable measurement. In the non-ferrous metal industry, copper refining and wet smelting zinc process, electromagnetic flowmeter is commonly used to measure the flow of slurry liquid.

Project Overview

Magnetic inductive flowmeters are widely used in the metallurgical industry. In the metallurgical industry, flow control of liquid metal is crucial. For example, in the continuous casting process, the flow rate of the casting liquid must be controlled to ensure that the casting mold is filled with enough casting liquid, while avoiding overfilling, which may cause an explosion. In addition, electromagnetic flow meters can be used to measure the flow of cooling and circulating water to control the temperature and pressure of industrial equipment.

Secondly, the intelligent control function of electromagnetic flowmeter makes it widely used in metallurgical industry. Magnetic inductive flowmeter can monitor the flow change of liquid in real time, and it can be integrated with other control systems to realize automatic control. For example, in the metallurgical industry, the electromagnetic flowmeter can be integrated with the blowing system to automatically adjust the flow of the casting liquid so as to realize precise control. In addition, electromagnetic flowmeters can be integrated with material control systems to ensure precise control of raw material ratios and flow rates.

In short, the application of magnetic inductive flowmeter in the metallurgical industry is multi-faceted, its intelligent control functions and advantages make it become one of the important instruments in the field of flow measurement and control. In the future, with the continuous innovation and application of technology, electromagnetic flowmeter will continue to play a wider range of applications and roles, to help the metallurgical industry continue to develop and progress.

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