What are the types of hot water flow meters

Time: 2024-07-03
Equipment Configuration:magnetic inductive flow meter

In addition to food, industrial sector and municipal management departments, in the water conservancy construction, river dredging, etc., hot water flowmeter often act as an indispensable role for a variety of liquid flow measurement to make a small contribution.

Project Overview

  Many fields often use convenient handheld hot water flow meters for measurements that are not only convenient, but also provide accurate and reliable results.

  So what are the common types of hot water flow meters that are briefly listed by the following:

  一、Magnetic inductive flowmeter

  Magnetic inductive flowmeter is with the development of electronic technology and gradually produced a new type of water flowmeter, the choice of reasonable sensor lining and electrode materials, not only wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. With the characteristics of the water flow meter in general, magnetic inductive flowmeter has the same anti-interference, high accuracy, self-testing and other excellent features, the display can be divided into a body type and split type, often used in sewage, water, water production industry and other areas that need to measure the conductive liquid.

  二、Turbine flow meter

  Turbine flowmeter is also called fire water flowmeter, turbine flowmeter, with high accuracy, good repeatability, compact and lightweight structure, large flow capacity and other convenient advantages. Turbine flowmeter as a lightweight and convenient type of water flowmeter, according to the measurement of different media is divided into gas and liquid two kinds of measuring instruments, is widely used in the oil, natural gas, organic or inorganic liquids, gas and other media measurements, in the liquefied petroleum, large-scale crude oil transshipment, gathering and transportation station are common its figure, usually used for trade settlement.

  三、Vortex flowmeter

  Vortex flowmeter is used to measure gas, steam and liquids and other industrial pipeline media fluid measurement of water flowmeter. In addition to strong anti-interference performance, stability and accuracy of the common advantages, vortex flowmeter has a wide range of range, advanced circuitry, small resistance loss, rugged and other advantages, is the comprehensive absorption of advanced technology developed by the intelligent design, standardization, generalization of products. At the same time, vortex flowmeter as a wide range of measurement instruments, but also has a unique aesthetic, compared to the appearance of other instruments can be superior.

  The above are three common types of hot water flow meter, in addition to elliptical gear flow meter, girdle wheel flow meter, screw flow meter and so on do kind of type. In addition to the hot water flowmeter detection and self-test function is complete, but also need users to pay attention to its such as regular inspections, cleaning the instrument surface and filters, regular checks on the calibration and other aspects of maintenance, to ensure that the long-term to maintain a good use of the effect.

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