What can cause a metal rotor flow meter to become unstable?

Time: 2024-07-09
Equipment Configuration:magnetic inductive flow meter

Metal rotor flowmeter has become the focus of users' attention with its advantages of easy installation, low price, simple operation and so on. But the flow meter has a measurement accuracy, that is, the range of measurement error. If the flowmeter "emotional aspect" is not stable, there may be measurement errors, so what causes the instability of the metal rotor flowmeter?

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  • 一、Installation aspects do not meet the requirements of the installation, metal rotor flowmeter tilt angle should not exceed 20 degrees. Of course some metal rotor flowmeter is installed horizontally. Horizontal installation, the rotor flowmeter should be kept horizontal, the tilt angle shall not be more than 20 degrees. There shall be no ferromagnetic objects within 100mm around the flowmeter. The installation position should be far away from the pressure reducing valve, pump outlet, process piping turn mouth and so on. Keep a 5D after 250mm straight pipe section requirement.
  • 二、Gaseous media are strongly influenced by temperature and pressure Metal rotameters are calibrated at the factory. The flow scale is calibrated according to the temperature and density of the medium provided by the user. Gaseous media are strongly influenced by temperature and pressure, so the user needs to provide accurate values for common temperatures.
  • 三、The density of the liquid medium varies greatly before the calibration of the metal rotor flowmeter are based on the density given by the user will be converted to the medium under the calibration state of the water flow for calibration. Therefore, if the medium density changes, will lead to a large measurement error. The solution is to change the density of the media into the formula, converted to error correction factor, and then the flow meter measured flow rate multiplied by the coefficient, replaced by the actual flow rate.
  • 四、Long-term use and pipeline vibration of a variety of factors so that the metal rotor flowmeter sensing magnets, pointers, counterweights, rotating magnets and other moving parts loose, resulting in large errors. Solution: verify by pushing the pointer. First, push the pointer to the RP position to see whether the output is 4mA and whether the flow rate display is 0%, and then verify it sequentially according to the scale. If there is any difference, you can adjust the position of the component. Generally need personnel to adjust, otherwise the position will be lost and need to return to the factory for correction.

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