Where are rotary vortex flowmeters suitable for installation?

Time: 2024-07-11
Equipment Configuration:magnetic inductive flow meter

As a common measuring instrument, the use of rotary vortex flowmeter is very frequent. In order to make the flowmeter work better, here to introduce to you about its installation precautions.

Project Overview

  • 1、In the installation of rotary vortex flowmeter, is to avoid high-temperature radiation of the place, if you have to install, but also to have some ventilation measures, in addition, humid, easy to accumulate water in the place should not be installed.
  • 2、Installation of the rotary vortex flowmeter should be installed indoors as much as possible, such as to be installed outdoors, but also to avoid the sun and rain places, the temperature is higher than 60 degrees Celsius, humidity higher than 95% of the place must not be installed.
  • 3、The installation of the rotary vortex flowmeter should avoid the place where the electromagnetic field is very strong, otherwise it will be interfered by the magnetic field. In addition, when installed in the environment containing corrosive gases, it must be well ventilated.
  • 4、For better servicing of the rotary vortex flowmeter in the event of a malfunction, be sure to install it in a place where it is easy to move around.

Rotary vortex flowmeter for the installation of the place requirements are very high, choose a good installation location, in order to play its greater utility.Supmea production of rotary vortex flowmeter for many years, if you are in the rotary vortex flowmeter selection, installation, use, maintenance of the process of encountering any problem, you can contact with the Supmea staff, we are ready to answer for you.

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