Advantageous features of radar level meter applied to chemical storage tanks

Time: 2024-07-09
Equipment Configuration:magnetic inductive flow meter

According to the different materials, chemical tanks are usually divided into several major types, namely: alloy storage tanks, silicon carbide storage tanks, alloy silicon carbide covered storage tanks. Because of the large volume of such chemical tanks, the parts of chemical tanks need to be placed outdoors for a long period of time, and therefore the oil level detectors installed in chemical tanks must have the quality characteristics such as high accuracy and reliability.

Project Overview

  At this stage, the common oil level detection instruments used in chemical tanks are float level meter, magnetic flap level meter, ultrasonic level meter and radar level meter. According to different determination mechanism, way and load characteristics, each detection instrument often has its own advantages and application areas. Today, people will focus on the discussion of radar level meter in large and medium-sized chemical tanks. In order to better know the radar level meter in large and medium-sized chemical tanks, people first to know the determination mechanism of the radar level meter.

  The design principle of radar level meter is very simple, there are generally 3 processes: test emission, scattering and acceptance. Applying the structural design of high-frequency waveguide, the microwave pulse width of the radar level meter is based on the PTFE transmitter from the end of the antenna to test-fire the radio wave signal, the test-fire wave will be scattered in the surface layer of the raw material to be measured, and the scattered echo signal will still be accepted by the antenna. And then according to the intertemporal expansion process mechanism, can accurately measure the test pulse width and acceptance of the pulse width of the interval time, and then deepen the projection of the antenna to the surface layer of the material to be measured spacing.

  In the specific application, especially in the load of very complex conditions, the existence of false alarm echo has a high probability. In order to avoid false alarm echo, counting for the Rada-21 high frequency pulse width radar level meter selected automatic false alarm echo suppression, can be automated to clear the determination of interference, accurate identification of oil level echo. Secondly, it must be clear that the radar level meter has the characteristics, that is, what are the advantages of its use in large and medium-sized chemical tanks.

  In general, radar level meters offer the following features and benefits:

  • 1、High accuracy Because the radio waves are not harmed by bad conditions and the radar level meter is free from all contact with storage tanks and substances, the radar level meter can still measure quickly and accurately even under extreme standards.
  • 2、The measured liquid material covers a wide range of microwave signals and monochromatic light is almost the same, there is a very good penetration, and its scattering thermal efficiency lies in the measured material conductivity and thermal conductivity, the greater the thermal conductivity, the higher the scattering effect of the echo signal, and thus for biological characteristics of the liquid material is not the same, such as hazardous substances, irritating substances and other liquids and slurries, the radar level gauge can be a very good determination of a very good work alone.
  • 3、Security will be low energy consumption because the radar microwave emission power is small, can be electrostatic shielding of the surface of the metal container, and thus the use of radar level meter by the place of restriction is small and harmless to the body.
  • 4、Wide range of applications based on the appearance of storage tanks, radar level meter can be ball tanks, horizontal tanks, cylindrical tanks, conical cone tanks, etc. to carry out the determination of the oil level; based on the role of the tanks to speak, can be stored in the tanks, buffer tanks, microwave tubes, bypass tubes to carry out the determination of the oil level.

  From the principle of radar level meter design and commodity characteristics, it is not difficult to see the advantages of its use in large and medium-sized chemical tanks is very significant. Then, people will discuss the cone antenna, parabolic antenna and rod antenna several kinds of radar level meter in large and medium-sized chemical tanks in practice how to use.

  • 1、The radar level meter with cone antenna is suitable for chemical tanks with large accuracy classes and is proposed to be mounted on top of the tank or on a wave guide tube.
  • 2、Radar level meters with parabolic antenna are suitable for the determination of liquids and solids, and can be used in a wide range of chemical tanks due to their narrow radar beam. In addition, the radar level meter with parabolic antenna can also be used to store loads of adhesive liquids such as leachate and liquid sulfur.
  • 3、The radar level meter with rod antenna antenna is smaller in size and is suitable for the measurement of raw materials with sanitary regulations or irritating chemical industry.

  Because the radar level meter not only takes into account the provisions of high measurement precision and intelligence level, but also ensures the relative standard deviation and reliability of the measurement on the necessary level, establishes the excellent basic for the efficient operation of the plant and factory, the radar level meter is a better choice for the determination of the oil level in the large and medium-sized chemical tanks.

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