Argentine Water Authority purchases magnetic inductive flowmeter to monitor flows

Time: 2024-06-17
Equipment Configuration:magnetic inductive flowmeter

Magnetic inductive flowmeter in the urban pipe network is more common, especially for the measurement and distribution of water supply plays a vital role, to facilitate the scheduling and allocation of water.

Project Overview

Magnetic inductive flowmeter in the current water plant is very widely used, for the allocation and scheduling of water to lay a sufficient foundation for the production management to provide data reference for the convenience of chlorine, water purification and dosing and other processing, so that you can accurately calculate the chlorine consumption, drug consumption, electricity consumption and other data to facilitate cost control and water purification processing. The water supply system will also have a certain degree of failure, anomalies lead to inaccurate measurement, electromagnetic flowmeter can be a timely response to the unit abnormalities or upper water pipeline burst and other faults. Electromagnetic flowmeter for the city pipe network scheduling to provide reference, out of the water long pressure and flowmeter work together to provide data reference for unit operation. Magnetic inductive flowmeter stability is good, the measurement of high precision, but the need for the same accuracy level of imported ultrasonic flowmeter calibration, and set the time of the calibration, you can better control the error.

Magnetic inductive flowmeter in the water industry is very important, the water plant water, dosing and water supply flow measurement, can provide a basis for economic accounting and diagnosis of the water treatment system, so as to achieve effective operation and control of water production. Electromagnetic flowmeter with its fast response time, high accuracy, good stability, small pressure loss, is widely used in water plants.

Measurement work is related to the production and operation of enterprises and the quality of products, especially in the local water business industry in Argentina, the measurement of the work is more important, the measurement of the work done reasonably in place, directly affecting the water business and the water users of the immediate interests of the enterprise. Water companies in the flow meter selection, generally consider the size of the pipeline and the actual measurement accuracy of the pipeline and other factors.

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