German Printing And Dyeing Plant Magnetic Inductive Flowmeter Put Into Operation

Time: 2024-06-17
Equipment Configuration:magnetic inductive flowmeter

Germany printing and dyeing industry as a typical high water consumption, high emissions industry, its pollution problems will be subject to strict policy restrictions, so in order to reduce pollution, water consumption, this enterprise purchased a number of our magnetic inductive flowmeter.

Project Overview

Printing and dyeing process:

  • 1. Pre-treatment: The desizing, bleaching and mercerizing parts of the printing and dyeing pre-treatment are often treated with lye. The PH controller can stabilize the PH control between 9-10 during bleaching to ensure the quality of fabrics.
  • 2. Dyeing: The water inlet link often adopts electromagnetic flow meter to accurately control the water inlet. Can choose 316L electrode and PTFE lining configuration of the split electromagnetic flowmeter can meet the needs of use. Dyes are often measured and delivered using an integrated electromagnetic flowmeter, customized for high-frequency excitation, fast response and precise control for automatic dye filling.During the dyeing process, it is vital to ensure that the temperature is controlled, and constant attention needs to be paid to keep the temperature within a range. Using a combination of temperature sensors and recorders allows for temperature measurement and control, increasing automation and reducing labor costs.
  • 3. Printing: Steam is usually used in the printing process for steam color fixing. Choose vortex flowmeter, easy to install, accurate measurement, with pressure and temperature sensors, connected to the flow totalizer can be remote display flow.
  • 4. Drying and Styling: Steam is often used in the drying and styling process. Temperature and pressure integrated vortex flow meter accurate measurement, convenient for enterprises to control costs.
  • 5. Printing and dyeing wastewater treatment: PH controller and electromagnetic flowmeter to realize wastewater treatment and re-emission, saving the production cost of enterprises. We will fully combine our professional instrumentation experience with printing and dyeing process to provide professional services for more printing and dyeing enterprises.

Printing and dyeing plant wastewater pollutants mainly from the fabric fiber itself and the dyeing and chemical materials used in the process, in the printing and dyeing production of the pre-treatment process discharged desizing wastewater, boiling wastewater, bleaching wastewater and mercerizing wastewater, dyeing and printing process discharged dyeing wastewater, soaping wastewater and printing wastewater, finishing the process of discharged finishing wastewater.

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