Magnetic flip-flop level gauge purchase and selection notes

Time: 2024-07-10
Equipment Configuration:magnetic inductive flow meter

Magnetic Flap Level Gauge is a liquid level measurement instrument, also known as magnetic flap level gauge, magnetic flip column level gauge. In the petroleum, chemical, shipping, food and other industries in the production process of liquid level measurement and control has a wide range of applications. But different industries, or even the same industry, different enterprises have different working conditions, which need to choose the appropriate type of magnetic flip-flop level meter according to the actual working conditions, in order to match the working conditions.

Project Overview

  In order to better meet the needs of liquid level measurement, procurement of suitable magnetic flap level meter, the user needs to be their own working conditions and the actual needs of manufacturers to fully communicate with the correct selection. In order to help users to purchase a more suitable instrument, this article focuses on some of the procurement and selection of magnetic flap level meter matters. However, before purchasing and selecting, you need to understand the application of magnetic flap level meter and the working conditions that are not suitable for it. Only suitable for the application of magnetic flip-plate liquid level meter occasions, need to purchase magnetic flip-plate liquid level meter, only involves the selection of the problem. Generally speaking, in the process of selecting and applying magnetic flip-plate level meter, you need to pay special attention to the following two different application conditions:

  1.  Suitable for the use of magnetic flap level meter occasions

  As the magnetic flap level meter has strong pressure resistance, low temperature resistance and corrosion resistance features and advantages, so in the high pressure and low temperature or a certain degree of toxicity of the measurement occasions, the use of magnetic flap level meter to accurately measure the liquid level, to avoid the harsh operating environment on the staff's health to avoid harm, and reduce unnecessary losses.

  2. Work conditions in which it is not suitable to use the magnetic flap level meter

  If the surface density of the measuring medium is less than 150kg/m³, the overall density of the medium is less than 400kg/m³, the viscosity of the medium is more than 600mPa.s and the surface temperature of the medium is higher than 350℃, the magnetic flip-flop level gauge is not suitable for use in these cases.

  It can be seen, in the face of complex chemical industry level measurement, technology and instrumentation purchasing staff must have a comprehensive understanding, carefully analyze the application of working conditions and the measured medium is suitable for the use of magnetic flip-plate level meter, to avoid the improper selection of instrumentation, affecting the smooth progress of production and increase undue expenditure. In determining the measurement medium suitable for the use of magnetic flip-plate level meter, magnetic flip-plate level meter in the procurement selection process, but also need to pay attention to the following aspects:

  一、Media Properties

  The physical and chemical properties of the measurement medium (such as corrosivity) have a greater impact on the magnetic flip-flop level meter, different media properties directly determine the choice of what type of magnetic flip-flop level meter. Therefore, if you choose to use magnetic flip-flop level meter without understanding the properties of the measured medium, it will not only affect the reliable measurement of magnetic flip-flop level meter, but also directly affect the service life of magnetic flip-flop level meter, and even the magnetic flip-flop level meter can not be used for the measurement of the situation.

  二、On-site environment

  Whether the site environment of the instrument has explosive hazards, working pressure and temperature, installation conditions, the speed of liquid level change, the selection of magnetic flip-flop level meter has a greater impact. If the meter is used in the place with explosion hazard, it is generally required to install explosion-proof magnetic switch of the remote magnetic flip-flop level meter, and the type of explosion-proof usually has two kinds of intrinsic safety and explosion-proof type. If the instrument is installed in a dusty or humid environment, it is necessary to choose a higher level of protection of the magnetic flip-flop level meter and so on.

  三、range (of scales or measuring equipment)

  The range is the center distance between the top and bottom flanges of the liquid level to be measured. In the use of magnetic flap level meter to measure the height of the liquid level, the range is one of the key influencing factors. If the range error is large, it will directly affect the measurement effect. When determining the range of the magnetic flip-plate level meter, it is generally necessary to select the corresponding size of the magnetic flip-plate level meter according to the height of the liquid level storage tank to be measured. If you really can not confirm the specific range, during construction, you may need to adjust the installation position to meet the working conditions.


  There are two main installation methods of magnetic flap level meter: side mounting and top mounting. Side mounting is a kind of installation method which is used more on tanks. However, in case of tanks placed underground, top-mounted magnetic flap level gauge is required for easy installation and observation.

  五、Flange Size

  The size of the flange generally refers to the size of the flange corresponding to the installation interface with the tank, the more conventional installation size of DN20, DN25, DN40, DN50, DN80, etc., and of course, can be customized according to the connection of the tank.

  六、Material Requirements

  Magnetic flap level meter normal use of materials such as 304 stainless steel, 316L stainless steel, PP material, PVC material, etc., encountered corrosive measurement medium must be selected 304 or 316L as the base material lined with PTFE, lined with F46 products.


  There are many different types of magnetic flip-flop level gauges to match with different products, such as top-mounted type, side-mounted type, with telecommunication signal output, vacuum jacket insulation type, steam jacket insulation, electric heating insulation, anti-corrosion type and so on.

  If we need not only on-site observation but also remote observation and control, we need to install remote signaling devices, configuration 4 ~ 20mA remote transmitter and whether the need for upper limit alarm switch and the specific number. In the northern region of the winter or the measurement of the site has frequent low temperature conditions, we need to choose the insulation type products, insulation type products are mainly three kinds: vacuum jacket insulation type, steam jacket insulation, electric heating insulation, which is relatively flexible installation of electric heating, steam jacket insulation type needs to be accompanied by the corresponding heating steam.

  In short, to correctly select the type, you need to understand the specific application conditions, combined with their own conditions, and carefully control the selection of the proposed magnetic flap level meter selection table, to see whether the parameters are compatible with their own conditions. If the actual selection process, do not know how to select, but also feel free to consult with the manufacturer, through in-depth communication, the purchase of the magnetic flap level meter to match the conditions.

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