Magnetic inductive flowmeter to help Dongting Lake water conservancy construction

Time: 2024-06-27
Equipment Configuration:magnetic inductive flow meter

Dongting Lake, located in the north of China's Hunan Province, south of the Jingjiang River section of the Yangtze River, is the third largest lake in China, with a surface area second only to Qinghai Lake and Poyang Lake, and is also the second largest freshwater lake in China. Dongting Lake is an important storage lake in the Yangtze River Basin, with strong flood storage capacity, which has made the Yangtze River safe from numerous floods and enabled the Jianghan Plain and the three towns of Wuhan to safely survive floods.

Project Overview

  Recently, Supmea magnetic inductive flowmeter, radar level meter and paperless recorder are applied in the demonstration project of intelligent pumping station of Dongting Lake to monitor the water level change of Dongting Lake in real time and escort the flood control project. This is another typical application of Supmea radar level meter in flood control project after Poyang Lake.

  Supmea magnetic inductive flowmeter and water conservancy radar level meter are widely used in water level monitoring of natural water bodies such as lakeshore, reservoirs, rivers, etc. The data uploading, recording and analyzing provide accurate data support for flood prevention and drought relief, and the mature application mode and solutions have been recognized by domestic and foreign customers.

  In the future, we will continue to provide new and old customers with professional and complete automation solutions, in return for every customer who cares and supports us.

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