Magnetic inductive flowmeters help improve plating efficiency

Time: 2024-06-28
Equipment Configuration:magnetic inductive flowmeter

Application Scenario: Automatically detect and control the PH value of the bath solution during the plating process and the conductivity value of the solution after cleaning to ensure the high quality of the products.

Project Overview

The site is the electroplating process, electroplating links need to be plated on the PH value, the conductivity value of the cleaning waste liquid need to be done to control and monitor the previous manual control by hand, there is an urgent need for upgrading.
Upon arrival, Mr. Dong of Supmea made it clear that the main purpose of this selection was to improve plating efficiency, enhance automation, and upgrade manual measurement to automatic measurement, and firstly checked the process flow at the site, as well as the environment of the installation.
The mounting locations for the PH tester, conductivity meter, temperature sensor and digital display meter were determined and a detailed instrument control program was set up on the meter. Ensure that the products can be directly applied to the site to meet the requirements of automatic detection and automatic control of subsequent production lines on site.

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