Malaysia Water Plant Purchased A Batch Of Magnetic Inductive Flowmeter

Time: 2024-06-13
Equipment Configuration:magnetic inductive flowmeter

A local water plant in Malaysia today purchased a batch of magnetic inductive flowmeter from Supmea Automation Co., Ltd to monitor the drinking water in the pipeline in real time, which facilitates the daily maintenance and management of the water plant.

Project Overview

Tap water is the water supplied to the residents and enterprises after processing and treatment through the water plant, its water quality requirements are high, the flow stability is also very important. Electromagnetic flowmeter can be used to calculate the flow rate by measuring the electromagnetic induction strength in the conductive liquid, the higher the concentration of ions in the conductive liquid, the greater the electromagnetic induction strength, and vice versa, the smaller. As tap water contains many kinds of ions, it can conduct electricity, so electromagnetic flowmeter can be used for tap water measurement.

The advantages of using electromagnetic flow meters to measure tap water include the following:

  • 1. Wide measuring range, can be applied to a variety of caliber and flow rate of water pipeline.
  • 2. High accuracy, can meet the tap water flow measurement accuracy requirements.
  • 3. Good stability, can be long-term stable operation, will not be affected by changes in water quality.
  • 4. Easy maintenance with on-line calibration and repair.

Water supply enterprises need to adjust the water supply in real time according to the user's demand, in order to ensure the stability and economy of water supply. Electromagnetic flowmeter can accurately measure the flow in the water supply pipeline, provide real-time flow data for water supply enterprises, help enterprises to adjust the water supply strategy according to the demand, to realize the precise control of water supply.

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