What substances can not be in contact with the magnetic flap level meter

Time: 2024-07-06
Equipment Configuration:magnetic flap level meter

Magnetic flap level meter in the use of these substances do not contact, otherwise it will cause damage to the instrument or measurement is not allowed: corrosive substances, flammable and explosive substances, with magnetic substances.

Project Overview

  一,Proper assembly and maintenance of magnetic plate level gauges:

  • 1、Magnetic material closure is not allowed around the body of the magnetic plate level meter, and wire fixing is prohibited.
  • 2、If the user uses his own tracer, he must choose non-magnetic materials, such as copper tubes. The accompanying temperature is determined according to the medium conditions.
  • 3、The installation of the magnetic flap level gauge must be vertical, and the magnetic flap level gauge and vessel piping should be equipped with ball valves for easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • 4、The medium should not contain solid impurities or magnetic substances that could cause the float to clog.
  • 5、Before use, the ball below the zero degree of the magnet should be corrected to red, and the other balls should be corrected to white.
  • 6、Open the bottom flange and load the magnetic float (note: heavy end and magnetic end up, not upside down).

  二,Which substances do not come into contact with the magnetic plate level gauge:

  • 1、Do not touch those corrosive substances. This kind of instruments can bring us strong effects in the process of using them, and they can make us feel the convenience of work and the superiority of management effects. However, it should be noted that corrosive substances should not be placed in the same space with them when they are in use, otherwise it will lead to the corrosion of the whole product, thus affecting its working method and product quality.
  • 2、Do not touch flammable and explosive materials. Do not touch flammable and explosive items when using the electric remote control magnetic flap level meter. Why do you say so? Since some types of magnetic flip-flop level gauge need to provide power support when working, if we use them with leakage, short circuit and so on, and then touch the flammable and explosive items or gases, it will lead to fire or even more serious explosion. Therefore, to ensure safety, flammable and explosive substances must be avoided when using them.
  • 3、Do not touch those electromagnetic substances. It is also important to stay away from electromagnetic objects when working with them. Electromagnetism has a great influence on their numerical effects. If electromagnetic interference occurs during measurement or start-up, it will inevitably cause numerical instability or even deviation effects.

  三,What is the alarm effect of the magnetic flap level meter:

  • 1.The use of an oil level sensor as an accurate measuring element is the key to realizing the high and low water level alarms of the magnetic flap level gauge. If the magnetic tile of the magnetic flap level meter drives the flap column to display information, the surface magnetic flap level meter does not need electricity. In addition, the power switch of magnetic flap level meter is composed of reed switch and other power circuit control module, which is compact, reliable and durable.
  • 2.The control board is installed according to the person in charge of the magnetic flap level meter. The control board is equipped with a reed power switch. When the magnetic oil level sensor and magnetic flap level gauge move at the same time, it will cause the reed power switch to operate, thus maintaining the effect of alarm and limit switch.
  • 3.Depending on the main purpose, magnetic plate level meter can be categorized into normal level switches and automatic switches equipped with maintenance memory level meter, which people can choose according to their needs. However, it should be noted that people must switch according to the accurate measurement of the material so that the whole application process will be more convenient in the future.

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