What are the places where the magnetic flap level meter is used?

Time: 2024-07-06
Equipment Configuration:magnetic inductive flow meter

Magnetic flip-flop level meter adopts stainless steel body lined with polyphenylene PP process, has high structural strength and corrosion resistance, can be applied to hydrochloric acid and other acidic, alkaline liquids and many organic solvents (especially the active group of solvents). However, it is not suitable for the measurement of concentrated nitric acid, Moet acid mixture, chlorine-containing solvents, aliphatic, aromatic hydrogen and other media liquids.

Project Overview

  Magnetic flap level meter is suitable for level measurement of corrosive media. In addition to on-site indication, it can also be equipped with remote transmitter and alarm (control switch), with complete detection function. The indication is novel, the reading is intuitive and eye-catching, and the direction of the observation indicator can be changed according to the user's needs. Measuring range is large, not limited by the height of the tank, the indication mechanism is completely isolated from the measured medium, so it is well sealed, highly reliable and safe to use. Simple structure, easy installation, low maintenance costs. The general corrosion rate in precision stainless steel water is very low, no need to leave a corrosion allowance. Magnetic flap level gauge can withstand very high flow rate (>40m/s).

  The combination of corrosion resistance and high strength allows for reduced section diameters, reduced wall thicknesses and reduced weight for quick and easy installation. The ductility allows bending and cutting without difficulty using suitable tools. In particular, the stainless steel press fit is easy to use in joints and is ideal for installations where space and access are limited or where heat generation is a problem. Magnetic Flip Plate Level Gauges are widely used in a number of industries due to their stability, high measurement accuracy and ease of installation and commissioning.

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