Supmea magnetic inductive flowmeter installed at German wastewater treatment plant

Time: 2024-06-28
Equipment Configuration:magnetic inductive flow meter

Recently, Supmea magnetic inductive flowmeter and fluorescence method dissolved oxygen meter in Germany wastewater treatment plant installation and commissioning success, real-time monitoring of aerobic tank dissolved oxygen changes, effectively guarantee the activated sludge biochemical role of the orderly progress, while the fluorescence method works to avoid the influence of air bubbles on the determination of dissolved oxygen.

Project Overview

  Application Scenario: Real-time monitoring of DO and MLSS in anaerobic and aerobic tanks, and monitoring of coarse and fine grating levels.

  German wastewater treatment plant, covering an area of 6 acres, with a daily treatment of 2500m³/d, with integrated integrated wastewater treatment equipment on site.

  Business Need: In order to improve the efficiency of wastewater treatment, automate the monitoring of the progress of wastewater treatment, as well as to enhance the visualization of the progress of the wastewater treatment process, Germany's wastewater treatment plant urgently needs a number of water quality instrumentation for the monitoring of the process level, DO value and MLSS, to reduce the hassle and lag of manual sampling.

  This wastewater treatment process uses ultrasonic level difference meter and ultrasonic level meter for coarse and fine grating level detection, electromagnetic flow meter, fluorescence dissolved oxygen meter and MLSS meter for anaerobic tank, dissolved oxygen and sludge concentration detection in aerobic tank, mud-water interface meter for sludge height detection in the secondary sedimentation tank, and electromagnetic flow meter in the refluxing sludge pipeline, and the whole wastewater treatment process is a combination of AAO and MBR process, and the application of Supmea's magnetic inductive flowmeter perfectly realizes the requirements of on-site monitoring and control.

  The administrator of the sewage treatment plant feedback said: Thank you very much Supmea, whether it is the pre-installation guidance or follow-up tracking service, are able to respond in a timely manner, rapid problem solving, product quality is also good, really let the instrument use no worries. Installation engineers are also very professional, in addition to the instrumentation, for the sewage treatment process also has a certain understanding, saving a lot of communication costs, so that we use also rest assured.

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